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RE (2011)

for flute, string instrument (vln., vla., or vc.), and piano, 8 mins

Re is the prefix to so many words that are relevant in describing my music: repeat, revisit, reconsider. This work continues the kinds of musical explorations found in other works from the time of its composition in 2011. Material continually returns but is either slightly or radically changed. The quality and degree of these changes renew our understanding of the identity of the material. In general, I create three separate worlds between the three instruments - each has unique material, particularly in the beginning of the work. But as the work continues there is a breakdown in the distinction between the roles of the instruments as well as the two types of material presented - lyrical and pointillist.

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Recording by Wu Xian - Cheryl Lim, flute, Martin Jaggi, cello, and Jongah Yoon, piano.

Available on NEOS Music as well as all major streaming services (Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, etc.)

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